LOve Letters 2 LIve BY

11 Jul

One basic definition of love, as a verb is to value. Love should be a verb not a noun or an adverb. Love is an active emotion. It is not static. Love is one of the few expiriences that we can best keep by giving it away. Love is the act of demonstrating value for and looking for the good in the other person.

L – is for Listen. To love someone is to listen unconditionally to his values and needs without prejudice.

O – is for Overlook. To love someone is to overlook the flaws and the faults in favour of looking for the good.

V–  is for Voice. To love someone is to voice your approval of him on a regular basis. There is no substitute for honest encouragement, positive strokes and praise.

E– is for Effort. To love someone is make a constant effort to spend the time, to make the sacrifice, to go the extra mile to show your intrest.

Loving requires independence and is based upon the ability to share ourselves with others out of choice, not out of independent need. True love is that relationship formed by two individuals who have the ability of separately sustaining themselves. Only independent people are free to choose to stay in a relationship. People who are dependent stay in a relationship out of necessity.


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